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away from May 16th, 2003 and the worlds largest Hamfest.

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THIS YEAR: May 16 - 18, 2003

 Destination Dayton (.net/.org)

(.com was taken by some local ISP in Dayton, OH -- sorry)


Dayton News


Every year for the past 3 years, a friend of ours (Terry) and another friend (George) have taken all of us up to Hamvention. Hamvention (aka "Hamfest") is a cool weekend of HAM Radio gear and computer equipment and junk. Computer junk is what we go up for most of the time, but the radio's are cool to -- not to mention, BEER.

To mention just who we are, we're from Nashville, TN -- home of Country Music (ugh) TNN (well, not anymore) and The Tennessee Titans (uhhhh..... I won't say anything about them, I'll probably get lynched.) Nashville is a cool place, lots of stuff to do, but once a year, we have to get away to some place where everyone doesn't know our name -- hence the road trip to Dayton, OH for the annual Hamfest!

A MapQuest rendering of the Nashville to Dayton trip.


The outside exhibitors of the world famous Hamvention!

Aerial view of Hamvention - WOW! That's a lot of cars!


It's cool to go to Hamvention and see all types of people chillin, drinkin beer, and buying stuff. We're all a bunch of 20 - 30 something's, and Dayton is a pretty good time. Our site here is to showcase our past trips, the current trip, and next year's trips.

For 2001, we currently have about $2,000.00 spent in car rentals and hotel fee's and Hamvention vendor passes and booths. I'll find out the booth numbers from Terry and post them here so that we can see you there. 

Pictures of Buttercup now in the DaytonBase.

Images on this page of Hamvention and the Hamvention logo were used from http://www.hamvention.org -- All other images are either MapQuest or our own stuff.